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Volvo Air Conditioning Service Bulletin

Are you experiencing intermittent operation of your air conditioner in your Volvo?


If so please read this.

If you have cold air out of the dash vents in the morning and after about 20 minutes of driving you notice the air has become hot and humid, and after pressing the A/C off button or restarting the car you have cold air for a while, we have good news. Very likely the compressor clutch needs to be adjusted without the replacement of any parts, this runs $199 to $299 depending on your year and model. We discovered this repair about 5 years ago and have performed this procedure hundreds of times saving our customers well over $100,000. That’s one more classic success story at Southwest Auto.







About Jon Howes

Jon started Southwest Auto in 1988. A family owned business that started out specializing in Volvo service, sales and parts. Has grown from a home based business in Jon and MaryJane’s dining room in 1988, to today’s 15,000 plus square foot advanced, automotive facility; which employs many highly-trained service and technical staff.

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