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Southwest Auto
11353 Mathis Avenue
Dallas, TX 75229

(972) 488-2525

ASE Certified Technicians

Dash Light Identifier – Mobile

Dash Light Identifier

Check Engine Light

Image of a generic check engine lightSeverity: Blinking (Severity 1), Constant (Severity 2)

Description: A blinking Check Engine Light can mean emissions control damage.  Do not drive the vehicle.  A constant light may indicate a sensor malfunction, emissions control system issue or mechanical component failure.  Schedule Service.  Severity Info

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Oil Light

image of a generic oil lightSeverity: Constant, Intermittent(Severity 1)

Description: An Oil Light can indicate lack of oil level and/or pressure. In some cases it can indicate a sensor malfunction or mechanical component failure.  If the oil light is ever illuminated after start-up do not drive the vehicle.  If the light is on consult your owner’s manual or contact us.  If your oil level appears ok and the light is illuminated contact us to arrange vehicle transport. Severity Info

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Service Engine Light

image of a generic service engineSeverity: Constant (Severity 2-3)

Description: A Service Light can indicate a regular service interval such as an oil service or tune-up. In some cases it can indicate a sensor malfunction, emissions control system issue or mechanical component failure.   Schedule Service. Severity Info

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Anti-Lock Brake Light

image of a generic anti-lock brakes lightSeverity: Constant (Severity 2)

Description: A constant light may indicate a sensor malfunction, control system issue or mechanical component failure. If the ABS Light is illuminated your anti-lock brakes may not function.  Schedule Service. Severity Info

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Air-Bag Light Light

image of a generic airbag lightSeverity: Constant (Severity 2)

Description: A constant light may indicate a sensor malfunction, control system issue or mechanical component failure. If the Airbag or SRS Light is illuminated your airbag system may not function.  Schedule Service. Severity Info

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Tire Pressure Monitor Light

image of a generic tpms lightSeverity: Constant (Severity 2 - Note: Requires Vehicle Owner’s Immediate Attention)

Description: The TPMS Light may indicate: a tire low on air, a flat tire, a sensor malfunction, or a spare tire low on air.  Please visually inspect your tires before driving.  Severity Info

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Indicator Light Severity

Severity 1 (urgent)

A problem that severely impacts your use of the vehicle.  Damage to the vehicle may occur.  It is recommended you contact us to arrange transportation of your vehicle to us.

Severity 2 (high)

A problem where the vehicle is functioning but long term reliability or safety requires service as soon as possible.  It is recommended you contact us for service and consult your owner’s manual.

Severity 3 (medium)

A problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the vehicle hardware, sensors, or software.  Contact us or consult your owner’s manual.  This may be an issue you can resolve with guidance or by stopping by.

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My BMW had engine problem...

03/12/14 12:36 am

My BMW had engine problems, and I consulted with numerous repair facilities that specialized in BMW. They were quoting much more than what Southwest estimated. I spoke with Rick a couple times and explained the issue. His expertise in BMW sealed the deal. I took the car in and he expected the repair to be completed within 2 weeks. I would bring my car back in for future work as needed.

Southwest is the place to...

03/12/14 12:13 am

Southwest is the place to go if you are having any issues with your car, or just basic service. Other places may not give your their full attention or go the extra mile for your needs. I definitely recommend this shop.

The overall experience wa...

03/03/14 12:13 pm

The overall experience was very good... However, my expectation on certain items were not met... You are more than welcome to call me to better understand why that is...


02/20/14 8:17 am

AWESOME AS ALWAYS....6 VOLVOS no matter where they are comes back to SWAuto when repairs are needed...

My primary contact was Ri...

02/17/14 8:29 am

My primary contact was Rick and he was pleasant and knowledgeable about my Mini Cooper S. I'm very pleased with the experience.

Excellent advice, service...

02/14/14 1:23 pm

Excellent advice, service, and loaner car availability

Great service, as always!...

02/12/14 7:37 pm

Great service, as always! Their loaners are a testament to the work they do. Friendly and professional staff and most important, trustworthy.

personal, professional, h...

02/05/14 11:03 am

personal, professional, honest and always accommodating. I am always confident putting my car in their care.

Southwest has always take...

02/05/14 9:06 am

Southwest has always taken responsibility of their work as if my car was actually theirs. I appreciate their "investment" in my Volvo.

Good knowledgeable people...

02/02/14 2:47 pm

Good knowledgeable people...great and dependable service!

As usual you guys solved ...

01/26/14 10:20 am

As usual you guys solved my Volvo problem quickly and at a reasonable cost. I can always count on your honesty even though the message may not be the one I want to hear. When I buy another car it will definitely be one you work on. Thanks again for the quick service and the free loaner car.

Jerry at Southwest Auto i...

01/22/14 11:21 pm

Jerry at Southwest Auto is the best! He is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Repairs are reasonably priced and done in a timely manner.

As a long time customer o...

01/19/14 6:22 pm

As a long time customer of Southwest Auto I continue to receive excellent customer service. My problem was identified and fixed promptly.

I really love the guys at...

01/15/14 3:08 pm

I really love the guys at Southwest Auto. They charge less than the dealer for the same quality work. They are courteous and friendly. They have loaner cars available for use or transportation to and from your location if you'd rather. They don't perform unnecessary "fixes" and make exhaustive efforts to solve the problem in the most cost-effective manner available. I can't say enough good things about them. They're wonderful! I would and have recommended them to anyone I know who drives a Mini ...

We have depended on the g...

01/09/14 8:22 am

We have depended on the good work and good attention to our needs for many years. There has never been a question as to where to go for service. I would (and will) recommend Southwest Auto to friends. Thank you for your good work.

I've been bringing my Vol...

01/05/14 7:53 am

I've been bringing my Volvos here for many years and have never been disappointed. It's a family business with long time employees and long time customers. They'll repair them as long as you want to keep them going, sell them for you, or help find a replacement. They suggest repairs when they see something but don't push too hard, and they've told me on several occasions that the work I thought I needed was, in fact, not important or useful. This is my go-to place for Volvo work and I highly rec...


01/02/14 8:35 pm


Great service and great p...

12/25/13 9:30 am

Great service and great people.

Always excellent service!

12/17/13 10:36 am

Always excellent service!

good work again d pinto

12/16/13 11:14 am

good work again d pinto

Great, honest service! J...

12/04/13 9:36 am

Great, honest service! Jerry and Rick, the front service technicians, give you straight, easy-to-understand explanations of car repairs (when needed) and help you prioritize the timing of any necessary maintenance/repairs. They are respectful of your time and will assist with loaner and rental vehicles as well.

I brought my Saab in beca...

12/02/13 9:36 am

I brought my Saab in because it vibrating and the check engine light was on. 4 days and $200 later, they give it back to me. The check engine light was back on in 5 minutes and I still have the same problem. They do have a shuttle which will pick you up, which is nice; but I can't say anything good when they failed to correct what I brought it in for.

Another excellent experie...

12/01/13 9:34 am

Another excellent experience!

As usual your knowledge m...

11/25/13 11:15 am

As usual your knowledge makes you desirable and your people skills make your sevice a pleasure.

Courteous and honest serv...

11/22/13 9:58 am

Courteous and honest service.