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Safety, reliability, and adventure. These are the renowned traits of a Subaru.

Subaru has carved a unique and well-known niche in the world of automobiles. They have become a beloved staple for people who want to get out and see the world, for people who want a vehicle they can rely on, and even for people who like to get on the race track and win! Known for their symmetrical all-wheel drive, rugged boxer engines, and eco-friendly systems, Subaru vehicles are cherished by the gamut of people who appreciate well-made cars. Whether you drive the lightning-fast WRX or the adventurous Outback, you can look over at a fellow Subaru driver in whichever model and exchange a smile, knowing that you both knew what you were doing when you made your purchase.

Innovative Reliability and Aesthetic Beauty

Subaru’s breakthrough into the automotive industry is marked by a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what cars can do while maintaining a dependability that so many remember from the old days. These vehicles are designed to last despite the test of time and terrain, making them perfect for roaming Dallas’ array of landscapes, from the sleek urban nights to rural dirt trails. This manufacturer blends durability with the latest technological advances, making it an ultimate bang for your buck purchase.

Southwest Auto Will Take Care of Your Subaru

Our team of factory-trained technicians takes the ultimate care of everything they work to only the highest of standards. They are equipped with dealer-grade tools and knowledge, enabling them to adapt to whatever your Subaru vehicle may need.

Not only do our mechanics have incredibly knowledgeable hands, but their sincerity will keep you coming back. We don’t neglect people like the dealerships tend to do. We are locally owned, and our people reflect that feeling of knowing that we are a genuine piece of the community. Every customer who walks in is a member of something greater, so we treat everyone with acute attention and respect.

What Makes Our Subaru Service & Repair Special?

  • Highly trained technicians with specialized knowledge of Subaru vehicles.
  • The latest in diagnostic equipment for assessing a vehicle’s status.
  • Use of genuine Subaru parts & fluids approved by the Subaru manufacturers themselves.
Audi Service & Repair

Southwest Auto’s Range
of Subaru Services:

  • All-wheel-drive maintenance, repair, and tune-up.
  • Proper assessment of boxer engines followed by masterful service.
  • Safety diagnostics.
  • Sustainable service options that are good for the planet and your wallet.

Besides Subaru, we service all import and European auto brands, including:

Come Down and Join the Southwest Auto Subaru Family Today!

Experiencing Southwest Auto in Dallas for your car care is like experiencing Texas. It’s welcoming, straightforward, and fairly priced for the working American. We are incredibly proud to serve the greater Subaru community in all the surrounding areas, such as:

We’ll enhance the performance of your Subaru and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Give us a call at (972) 975-5452 and Schedule your Subaru to be serviced with us right here in beautiful Dallas, Texas, today! Our unparalleled Subaru expertise, matched with our southern candor, will keep you and your friends coming for a long time.

We care about your care, we care about you, we care about your adventure. Welcome to Southwest Auto.

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