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How to Save Money on European Auto Repair

November 02, 2014

Today’s cars run on complex computers that must communicate properly in order for your car to operate efficiently. This means your repair costs could be higher and you need to find a European auto repair to handle your car repairs. When you see the cost of these repairs, you may begin to feel that fixing your car is no longer in your budget. Fortunately, you can find affordable European auto service at an independent import auto repair shop so you can keep your car running well.

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What’s In A Name: Seeking the Best BMW Dealership In Dallas

June 21, 2014

Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” You’ve got to hand it to the wise old bard; he knew the substance of a thing can’t be changed by a label.

For example, the best BMW "dealership" in Dallas isn’t always a dealership. Let us explain. 

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What to do When Your Car Dealership No Longer Delivers

June 03, 2014

So a national company bought the Audi dealership you’ve relied on for years and you’re not sure whether to trust the new guys? We get that. We’re a family-owned business and we value the trust our customers place in us.

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Your Favorite Auto Shop Just Closed its Doors, Now What?

May 26, 2014

It happens - that car repair shop that you've been using for ten years has decided to close its doors. Maybe the owner wants out of the business, it's time to retire, or they got a great offer and sold. Maybe they just downsized or no longer have service technicians that service your make and model of import car.

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Safety First! Routine Repairs on Import Cars are Tricky, but Necessary

April 21, 2014

It used to be so simple to change a headlight bulb on your Volvo, Saab, Audi, VW, BMW or Mercedes. In recent years it has become next to impossible with the aerodynamic design of modern headlights and the cramped spaces under the hood. In fact, you may have to remove an under-hood component or two to gain enough access to change a bulb, most notably on some Volvo S60 models.

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Customer Appreciation Month For Our Dallas European Car Owners

April 10, 2014

April is customer appreciation Month at Southwest Auto.  To show our thanks to you, our valued clients, we are offering service specials and giveaways weekly.  Schedule a service appointment in the Month of April and be entered to win our Grand Prize Raffle.  

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BMW Dealerships In Dallas, A Second Opinion About Service Costs

April 06, 2014

You own a BMW and you take care of it. Good care. You know it needs servicing-- everything from routine oil changes to checking out the "check engine" light.

There are a number of BMW dealerships in Dallas to choose from.  When deciding where to take your car you have options. You could take it to the dealer you purchased it from, or, maybe there's a different European automobile dealer closer to your home, or office.

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Your Car Insurance Company Says: Total Loss

February 27, 2014

Your car isn’t just a car, it’s a BMW– a gorgeous, not-inexpensive, automobile that you love.

And, your insurance company just told you that it’s totaled. Meaning, they want to cut you a check to replace the car, and take your damaged car and sell it for parts.

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Voted the best BMW Repair Shop In Dallas

January 28, 2014

You have a great sense of style and the car you drive states that about you. You drive a BMW because it is a part of you. But when it comes time to get your car fixed up, you don’t want to take it just anywhere. You want the best possible service for your car, that means that you have options other than the dealership. A specialized, independent Dallas BMW repair shop can provide all the services that you need and value you can trust.

Quality of Work

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About Our BMW Repair Shop

July 31, 2013

When it comes to BMW service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Southwest Auto is your one stop shop for all of your European automotive needs.  They are on par with the official BMW dealerships in terms of quality of services offered, and you can expect the same level of expertise.
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