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Difference Between a Certified Pre-Owned and a Used Mercedes-Benz

February 12, 2017
If you’re like most people, you would love to drive one of the most coveted luxury vehicles on the roads: a Mercedes-Benz. Unfortunately, luxury comes at a steep price, and many people simply cannot afford to buy a brand new Mercedes. If you dream of driving a Mercedes or a BMW, Audi, or other high-end luxury vehicle, you may be able to realize your dream. Here’s how to own a Mercedes-Benz or BMW that’s affordable: Set your sights on pre-owned cars rather than new cars. Just be aware “used” and “certified pre-owned” are not the same thing!

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Keep Your Vehicle and Your Family Safe with These Pre-Winter Car Care Tips

December 11, 2016

Now that the cooler temperatures have settled in, is your car road ready for the Texas winter? If you failed to winterize your vehicle this Fall, don’t worry. Now is prime time to get your vehicle ready for winter. The clock is ticking, though, so don’t delay. The first Texas freeze will be here before you know it.

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your A/C Properly Maintained Throughout the Year

July 29, 2016

While paying attention to the A/C maintenance schedule for a European car is the first step toward ensuring the A/C will work in the heat of the summer, it’s not the only consideration. Many motorists are surprised to learn that what causes the air conditioning in your car to fail in many cases is inactivity. If you want your A/C to work in summer, you need to run it regularly year-round and keep it in working condition.

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How to Drive Safely Through Potholes Without Damaging Your Car

June 05, 2016
If you drive, especially in North Texas, you are aware of the prevalence of potholes and how much damage they can do to your vehicle. While driving along on a balmy spring day if you have experienced the shock of being jolted and jarred by driving into a giant pothole that was created due to harsh winter weather, you know pothole damage can be extensive and can come on without warning. Educate yourself so you’ll know how to avoid potholes and, when that’s not possible, how and when to seek pothole damage reimbursement.
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Important Steps To Take If You Are In a Car Accident

May 22, 2016

If you haven’t been involved in an automobile accident, you’re fortunate. Automobile accidents happen every day. In the United States, more than five million occur each year. It’s best to be prepared in case you become a statistic.

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Are Luxury Import Cars Worth The Money?

May 18, 2016
You can’t help noticing them on the road: those sleek, shiny, high-performance, high-dollar luxury vehicles coveted by many, yet owned by far fewer. These luxury brands include Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Audi, Volvo and BMW to name a few. They’re the best of the best and you’ll pay a premium for the pleasure of driving one. Are luxury import cars worth the money? The answer is not the same for every car buyer. Someone struggling to make ends meet may find it more prudent to purchase a reliable but less-luxurious vehicle. For those who can comfortably afford the payments, though, a high-end import is more than a luxury; it’s a smart investment. Here are a few of the  benefits of owning a luxury vehicle .

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Six Safe Driving Tips for The Unpredictable Texas Spring Weather

May 08, 2016

While Texans rarely battle snow or ice in the winter, the unpredictable Texas spring weather can cause problems. Wet roads can be as dangerous as icy roads. The combination of a slippery surface and bad visibility creates adverse driving conditions.  So it’s important to know how to drive in heavy rain or hail.

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Spring Car Care Inspection Tips: Your Routine Auto Maintenance​ ​

April 24, 2016
Winter takes a toll on your car. While Texans rarely have to deal with snow or ice, the low temperatures, wet conditions and salt on the road still cause problems for healthy autos. Due to these issues, most mechanics recommend routine auto maintenance for spring . By following these spring car care inspection tips, your ride will be ready for the road in no time.
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When It Comes To Auto Repair After an Accident: Don’t Believe Everything Your Insurance Co. Tells You

April 06, 2016

Once the dust has settled after a car accident, what do most drivers do? They call their insurance company so they can get their vehicle repaired. If you need auto repair after an accident, it’s smart to do your own research and choose who will repair your vehicle rather than following your insurer’s recommendation.

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Why It’s Important To Use An Auto Repair Shop With ASE Certified Technicians

March 27, 2016

When you go to any repair shop, you’ll likely see acronyms related to vehicle parts, repair procedures and the shop’s credentials. As a consumer, you don't need to worry about most of these abbreviations, but there’s one you should always look for: ASE. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. It’s important to use an auto repair shop that has ASE certified technicians because you can trust they’re up-to-date on the latest vehicle technologies.

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