The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is one of the most unique and most recognizable vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. If you own one or several Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, you may have already discovered that not all repair shops that work on a Mercedes-Benz should be working on this specialized vehicle. Read on to learn why you should only trust your Sprinter with technicians who have been specially trained to service these unique vans.


The Sprinter Engine: An Engineering Masterpiece

Individuals and businesses alike value Sprinter over other vans for its outstanding fuel efficiency, amazing road handling and outstanding performance. The Sprinter is able to deliver thanks to its sophisticated 3-liter turbo diesel engine. Anyone who has driven a Sprinter knows that it is packed with sensitive on-board sensors and computer systems monitoring every component of the driving experience. Only a repair shop that has been specially trained on Sprinter vehicles will know how to address them properly. Additionally, not all repair shops possess the specialized diagnostic equipment and factory parts needed to work on Sprinter vans


Diesel Provides Optimal Performance But Calls For Skilled Service

Sprinter vans have advanced turbo-diesel engines and control systems that preclude some repair shops from properly diagnosing and servicing these vehicles. Sprinter engines employ specialized components including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, diesel particulate filters (DPF), and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) injection, along with various controllers and sensors designed to reduce particulate and exhaust gas emissions. With all this equipment, Sprinters require regular maintenance performed by trained technicians to achieve long service life and avoid limp home mode service failures.


Southwest Auto Provides Fleet Services For Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

All of the technicians at Southwest Auto are highly trained and specialize in servicing and repairing fine European import vehicles. We’re specialists in both gasoline and diesel engines. Since 1988, our shop has earned a reputation for delivering unparalleled service for individual vehicles as well as fleets. If your business depends on Mercedes’ iconic Sprinter van, you can depend on us to keep your fleet running optimally so you can continue servicing your customers reliably. Each day that one of your Sprinter vans is out of commission is a day that your business loses money. We’ll make sure to keep your Sprinters on the road and out of the repair shop. Contact us to take advantage of the highest quality, most reliable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fleet service in Dallas, TX.

If you are looking for outstanding Sprinter service and repair in the Dallas area, contact us. We are Mercedes specialists and we’ll take care of all of your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter repair and maintenance needs.

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