Most BMW owners are at least somewhat familiar with vehicle repair shops, since they visit one for routine maintenance and to fix problems that occasionally arise with their cars. Through the years, BMW owners get to know and trust the professionals at their local BMW repair shop.


The auto body shop, on the other hand, is a mystery to many. Fortunately, most drivers rarely get into accidents or collisions that require body work. When they do, they often are referred to a body shop by an auto insurance company, take their car there shortly after the collision, and go along with whatever the auto insurance recommends. That’s what usually happens, but should it? Is taking your BMW directly to the referred body shop for repair a good idea ?


Why Consult A BMW Expert After An Accident

You own an Ultimate Driving Machine. Don’t you want a BMW expert to be involved with any mechanical work you need? Yes, you need a body shop to take care of body work. But that body shop must be familiar with the complex systems within your BMW, and know when to call in the BMW Experts for assistance. One of the benefits of consulting a BMW expert is that you know a BMW expert has your best interests in mind . A body shop that you’re unfamiliar with can be intimidating, call on the BMW facility you trust for a referral.


Examples Of How Insurance Companies Need Checks & Balances

One of the advantages of consulting an independent repair shop for a referral before you head to a body shop is that the repair shop will tell you what your car really needs. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to use inferior parts to cut costs. For example, say you were rear ended by another driver and need to have a bumper replaced. The insurance company may force used or aftermarket parts to be used to complete the repair. Ask your Collision Repair Facility if BMW Parts are available and what the cost would be to restore your vehicle to the original factory condition.


Working With Automotive Insurance Adjusters

It is not uncommon for an adjuster to recommend that a body shop use substandard parts to minimize its claims payout. One of the big benefits of consulting a BMW expert is that they can acquire Original Equipment Parts directly from the manufacturer and assist the collision facility with providing you with a better replacement part than the insurance company is recommending.

If you find yourself needing the services of a body shop, you’ve probably been in an accident or collision of some kind. It is understandable that you may be preoccupied with accident-related fallout. That’s precisely why you need an advocate to watch out for your best interests.

Before you take your BMW to a body shop, contact us at Southwest Auto. We’ll look out for you and ensure that your vehicle is repaired with the quality parts and keen attention to detail that will maximize its longevity and value.


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