The brake light on your dashboard is one obvious sign of parking brake failure in cars. Some of the other symptoms you can look for if you really believe that there is indeed a problem somewhere in your Subaru’s parking brake system have been discussed below. This article also sheds light on some of the reasons why a vehicle’s parking brake might cease to function.

Your Parking Brake In A Nutshell…

The parking brake, aka emergency brake is supposed to prevent a vehicle from rolling back/ forward… especially when parked on an inclined surface. Since it serves a completely different purpose than that of the primary braking system; it works independently of the later. And, it is not meant to be used during normal braking requirement.

Nevertheless, parking brake is an important safety mechanism that need to be looked after- just like the primary braking system of the vehicle. And if it occurs to you that there is a glitch in your Subaru’s parking brake and it’s not doing the job it has been designed to do, consult with your mechanic to understand what’s going on and why your parking brake is acting up.

Signs Your Parking Brake Is In Need Of Repair

#1- It has lost its responsiveness

Be it a traditional parking brake with a mechanical lever or an electrically operated parking brake with a push button; if you are having a hard time deploying your Subaru’s emergency brake, it is a clear sign that your parking brake is in need of repair. The mechanical lever that you relay on to feed your inputs to your Subaru’s parking brake system would become too tight or loose- if there is a serious flaw brewing inside the system.

#2- Failed ‘hill test’

One way to test the effectiveness of a vehicle’s handbrake system is by performing a ‘hill test’. Have no idea about the test? Well, don’t worry… we will help you understand how carrying out a ‘hill test’ can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your Subaru’s parking brake. The test requires you to park your Subaru on an inclined road and deploy the parking brake. If your vehicle starts rolling off, it signifies that your Subaru’s handbrake is at fault.

#3- It won’t disengage

No matter how many times you try… your Subaru’s parking brake won’t disengage if one of its components is at fault. This is not something that should be taken for granted. Because if you ignore it thinking of it as a trivial issue, you may end up with an expensive repair. Beside a stuck parking brake may put your road safety in jeopardy. So if your Subaru’s parking brake is stuck or having a hard time disengaging, get it tested by an experienced technician.

#4- Warning light

One reason why your Subaru’s brake warning light may start flashing is that its parking brake has failed and in need of repair. Some of the other reasons why your vehicle’s brake warning light may get activated include worn out brake pads, glitch in the anti-lock braking system, defective wheel speed sensor, etc…

Reasons Why Your Subaru’s Parking Brake May Malfunction

#1- Defective component

As with the primary braking system, your Subaru’s parking brake is made up of many different parts including the mechanical lever assembly. A glitch in one of its components- even the trivial one- can contribute to an array of different parking brake related issues. Act promptly to trace the problem to its root- so that it doesn’t turn into an expensive repair.

#2- Lack of maintenance

The parking brake doesn’t get the attention it deserves, just like the primary braking system of the vehicle, it plays a crucial role in ensuring your road safety. So if you want to drive safe, you must ensure the upkeep of your Subaru’s parking brake. Check on its key components from time to time and replace the one that you think has a flaw.

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