Today’s cars run on complex computers that must communicate properly in order for your car to operate efficiently. This means your repair costs could be higher and you need to find a European auto repair to handle your car repairs. When you see the cost of these repairs, you may begin to feel that fixing your car is no longer in your budget. Fortunately, you can find affordable European auto service at an independent import auto repair shop so you can keep your car running well.


The Complexity of Car Problems

Because your car requires various computer components to communicate flawlessly, there is a greater chance of breakdowns and other problems that need specific care . Even one minor fault in one component can cause massive problems. If you take your car to a dealership, odds are they will recommend replacing the component, which then requires reprogramming and full integration. This will greatly increase your repair bills, leaving you wondering how you will ever pay for the repairs.


Better Automotive Service Solutions

Fortunately, some European service technicians are able to provide better solutions for your computerized car problems. Instead of completely replacing a component, the technician can remove it and send it in for repairs. Once it is returned, it can be reinstalled into the vehicle without the need to reprogram or integrate a new component , providing more affordable European auto service. This can save thousands of dollars on your repair bill without impacting the quality of the repair.


A Savings Example

An import car owner brought their vehicle in to Southwest Auto in Dallas with antilock brake and traction control warning lights activated. The technician ran a complete diagnostics and found the antilock brake pump wasn’t operational and there was a lack of communication with the electronic control module. Completely replacing these parts would have cost $4,000. Based on our experience, we felt repairing the electronic control module would resolve the issue. Once our service technician completed this repair, the end cost to the owner was less than $700.

Computers have made cars even better, but they have also complicated the repair process when something goes wrong. Dealerships are often quick to recommend full replacement; leaving the vehicle owner with an unnecessary, inflated repair bill.

Instead, car owners should turn to a family-owned independent European auto repair shop to handle these repairs. In many cases, simply repairing the computer component can resolve the issue entirely at a much more affordable cost.

If you are experiencing problems with your car, contact us. We can provide the level of service you need to ensure your car operates the way it was designed without breaking your budget.

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