Now that the cooler temperatures have settled in, is your car road ready for the Texas winter? If you failed to winterize your vehicle this Fall, don’t worry. Now is prime time to get your vehicle ready for winter. The clock is ticking, though, so don’t delay. The first Texas freeze will be here before you know it.


Why Fall?

Staying abreast of preventive vehicle maintenance is important any time of year, but it’s especially critical as winter approaches. Simply put, the benefits of a pre-winter checkup for cold weather safety and reliability include bolstering your safety and that of your passengers, reducing the odds that you will become stranded in inclement weather, and saving yourself the sticker shock of an unanticipated vehicle problem. It’s never fun to have car trouble, but it’s especially unpleasant to have car trouble when the weather is cold, damp, dreary and windy.

Would you rather visit the repair shop now, when it’s pleasant outside? Or would you prefer to do battle with the elements when what you’d prefer is to stay warm and dry? Make the smart decision and don’t wait!

Ten Fall Car Care Tips To Winterize Your Vehicle

While the weather is still pleasant, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive pre-winter vehicle checkup. By being proactive about maintenance, you will save the time, inconvenience and expense of an unexpected breakdown at the worst time of year for that to happen. Here are 10 procedures to have done for your pre-winter check up.

  • Make sure oil, transmission and brake fluid, coolant, and all other fluids are fresh and full.
  • Make sure rubber parts like belts and hoses are not cracked, brittle or in need of replacement.
  • Make sure you battery is charged and the connections are clean.
  • Make sure your brakes are working optimally as you’ll rely on them heavily on slick roads.
  • Make sure your exhaust system is free of potentially dangerous leaks.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread.
  • Make sure headlights, turn signals and tail lights are not burned out and their covers are clean.
  • Check wiper blades and replace them if they are worn.
  • Check shock absorbers and other components of the steering and suspension system.
  • Check the HVAC system to ensure your heater and defroster are working.

Relax: You Don’t Have To Perform These Maintenance Items Yourself!

If it has been awhile since you’ve had your vehicle checked, contact us at Southwest Auto. This is the ideal time for preventive maintenance and a thorough pre-winter vehicle checkup. Texas’ unpredictable winter is approaching; our skilled and friendly technicians will make sure your car is ready for it.

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