Factory recommended service intervals often vary from what we find in the field.


Standard Factory Recommended Services: Engine Oil Service, Inspection I and Inspection II

Because this manufacturer does not specify a “Severe Service” Interval, the determination of proper maintenance should be left to the good judgment of the vehicle owner and the advice of a service center they trust. Conditions that will change the frequency of composition of Normal Service would be:

  • Ambient temperature extremes
  • Frequent driving in dense city stop and go traffic
  • Operating in dusty, wet or muddy terrain
  • Repeated short trip operation without sufficient engine warm up
  • Operating in mountainous/high altitude areas
  • Trailer towing

Although the manufacturer suggests that the oil doesn’t need to be changed until 15,000 miles, here in Texas, we qualify for the top 2 conditions listed above if not the top 4 and recommend an engine oil service every 7,500 miles with full-synthetic oil. We have seen slugging occur in Minis which have gone too long in between oil changes. This is very similar to plaque in your arteries and can have catastrophic consequences on your vehicle’s engine.

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