As an independent repair shop that specializes in BMWs, we know that there’s no question BMW offers great factory warranties. The basic BMW package — the one that comes with new BMWs – is a 4 year/50,000 mile plan.

During that time, many owners choose to use a BMW dealership for service and repairs. We respect that, even though we can do many of the same standard services and repairs and keep your car’s warranty intact.

But, even if you’ve been going to a BMW dealership, once that warranty is about to expire it’s time to re-evaluate your dealership thinking.

Why? Well, first of all, dealerships are often more expensive for basic repairs. In fact, the question of who to go to, dealer or independent shop, is so common that “Car Talk” decided to take it on.

While they didn’t focus on BMWs, their research, ” found that overall the dealers in our study charged 15% more than independent repair shops for the same repairs.”

But, that said, one reason to do some research and find a qualified shop before the warranty expires is so that you’ll know if you need to go back to the dealership — just one more time. A specialized BMW repair garage can advise you about items in need of repair that would, and should, be covered by your factory warranty. You want to handle that before you make the switch.

But, once you’ve taken care of any overlooked, warrantied items you still need an independent repair shop and a BMW mechanic that’s qualified to handle the needs of your BMW 228i — and you certainly don’t want an amateur going anywhere near your Gran Turismo.

Yes, we service and repair both models — and are up to date with the latest engineering and technology that goes into these brilliantly engineered machines.

Southwest Auto is a BMW repair shop that can help you save money and time as your BMW comes out of warranty. How? Well, as an independent repair shop that specializes in import cars, and has service technicians with specialized BMW training, we’re both expert and cost-effective.

But, how did we save you time? Efficient service and repairs is one of our hallmarks, because our focus is on making sure our customers get back on the road and on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Plus, if you’re reading this, you don’t need to do any more research — you just found the best independent repair shop for import cars in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. That saves you time, too!BMW

Still not sure? That’s okay. People who plan ahead for events like their car warranties running out are bound to have a few other concerns and questions.

So give us a call or fill out our fast online form. Let us know what you’re looking for in an independent repair shop, and what concerns you have about your car.

We guarantee we’re always happy to be in touch with you and talk about one of our favorite manufacturers — BMW.

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