Car repairs can be a major drain on your wallet and always seem to come at the worst possible time. This may leave you wondering, “Where can I find a car repair shop in Dallas that does financing?” When you turn to Southwest Auto, you will receive the auto repair services you require with the financial assistance you need. We understand how difficult it can be to find the funds to repair your car and don’t want you to wait too long, causing more serious issues.


The Importance Of Repairs And Maintenance

When car owners forgo necessary repairs and maintenance, even if it’s due to finances, they are putting their car at serious risk. In the time it takes you to obtain the funds you need to pay for a repair or maintenance service, more serious issues could arise that will end up costing even more. At our auto repair shop, we understand the financial strain you may be under, which is why we are excited to offer auto repair financing in Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to help you get the repairs and maintenance your car requires to run well without creating more problems down the road.


We Make Your Car Repairs More Affordable

If you’re tired of searching for “affordable auto repair financing near me,” look no further. We make it easy to apply for six month financing so every repair becomes just a little more affordable and you don’t have to wait any longer . Repairs of $199 or more qualifies for our 6-month financing option with no interest. The application process is fast and easy so you can get a response right away. You can use this car repair financing for routine maintenance and service , allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a well-maintained car.


Make Payments On Your Maintenance And Repairs

Many people don’t have it in their budget to pay for car repairs and maintenance all at once. For those with good credit, the ability to finance car repairs can provide the flexibility of spreading out the cost over a longer period of time.


You don’t have to make the choice between getting your car repairs done now and waiting until a point in the future when you have enough money to cover the entire cost. Instead, you can get auto repair financing in Dallas, Texas, and pay the bill over time rather than all at once. This gives you the flexible payments you need and ensures your car isn’t at risk for more serious problems in the future.

If you are looking for an auto repair shop that provides financing for your repairs and maintenance, contact us. Our Dallas technicians will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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