Winter takes a toll on your car. While Texans rarely have to deal with snow or ice, the low temperatures, wet conditions and salt on the road still cause problems for healthy autos. Due to these issues, most mechanics recommend routine auto maintenance for spring. By following these spring car care inspection tips, your ride will be ready for the road in no time.


  • Take Care of the Wheels: Tires are always a priority for your car. They’re the only part of your vehicle that should ever touch the ground. Check tire pressure first before ensuring the tread is flush with the road. Rotate tires every 5,000 miles to keep the tread even for optimal traction. By focusing on the tires, your car’s handling will be prepared for wet conditions in the spring.
  • Inspect Brakes: One of the most significant spring inspection tips is making sure brakes are functioning properly. Get your pads checked and make sure all rotors are ready to go. Brake problems lead to safety issues down the road. If you neglect this step, you may find costly repairs in your car’s future.
  • Check Oil and Fluids: Keeping all your fluids and oils in-check is important as spring rolls around. If your car hasn’t had an oil change since the fall, spring is a great time to do so. Flushing the transmission in the spring is crucial, as a repair can be costly. Coolant, brake, and window washing fluids all need to be checked, as well.
  • Clean Salt and Residue: Even in Texas, your car may accumulate residue and salt throughout the winter. This buildup can cause metal to rust, along with other damages. To remove this residue, head to a highly recommended, heavy-duty car wash. Make sure there are sprayers that clean the undercarriage.
  • Get Alignment in Order: Your car’s suspension and alignment can develop problems during any season. Checking to make sure both are in working order is a vital part of routine auto maintenance for spring. If your car pulls to one side or the other, you most likely need this service.

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