If your child develops a fever, where do you take him or her for medical care? You probably head to a pediatrician who specializes in caring for children. If your dog needs to be trimmed for the summer, do you take him to your barber? No, you take him to a dog groomer who specializes in those specific services. When your BMW, Audi or Mercedes needs service or repair, where do you go? Surprisingly, many owners of European autos head to a local general repair shop rather than a European vehicle specialist. Read on to learn why that’s not a smart choice.


Need Repair Or Maintenance? You Have Four Options

Anything with moving parts needs to be serviced or repaired from time to time. Here are four approaches for keeping your vehicle running optimally.

  • Try to Repair it Yourself. The key word here is “try.” If you drive a European vehicle, you’ll probably realize shortly after you pop the hood that even though you may know your way around an engine, the sophisticated computers and systems you’ll find in an import are far beyond your capabilities. Strike this option from the list.
  • Head to Joe’s Auto Around the Corner. When you’re going for fast food or need a jacket dry cleaned, convenience is a top priority. When your high-end European import needs service, skill and expertise trump convenience in spades. Your European import needs a European automotive technician. 
  • Head to the Dealership Where You Bought Your Car. This is a valid option worth considering.
  • Head to an Independent Shop Specializing in European Auto Repair. This too is a valid option worth considering.

Now that you’ve narrowed your options to two, how do you decide between those?

Benefits Of Independent Auto Repair And Maintenance Versus The Dealership

When your prized auto needs attention, do you go dealership or independent? You first need to identify what you value most in a service provider. European cars like Saabs, Volkswagen, Volvos and Mini Coopers are known for outstanding craftsmanship and performance. Therefore, you want a service provider who will do the job right. You can find one in a dealership and in an independent European repair shop.

You want a service provider you can trust. Again, you can find a qualified and knowledgeable automotive service technician in a dealership and independent setting. Before you throw up your hands assuming there’s no difference between dealerships and independents, uncover the facts of independent auto repair and maintenance versus the dealership. Independents win the battle; here’s why. Independents:

  • Are more flexible and can accommodate your schedule.
  • Are typically far more affordable than dealerships due to prioritized service recommendations based on experience with your particular model vehicle.
  • Have time to get to know each customer and their car, along with their driving habits and preferences.
  • Rely on word of mouth referrals to win business, so they’ll provide top notch service to ensure your satisfaction.

How Do I Choose A Dallas Area Independent Import Service Provider?

This is the easiest question of all. When your European import needs service and you live in the Dallas area, contact us at Southwest Auto. For more than 30 years, we’ve delivered outstanding service to import vehicles and have pages of references to back that up. We look forward to meeting you!

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