You have a great sense of style and the car you drive states that about you. You drive a BMW because it is a part of you. But when it comes time to get your car fixed up, you don’t want to take it just anywhere. You want the best possible service for your car, that means that you have options other than the dealership. A specialized, independent Dallas BMW repair shop can provide all the services that you need and value you can trust.


Quality of Work

Your BMW was a good investment, and you want to keep it in top shape. You keep up with all the regularly scheduled maintenance, in addition to getting repairs done as needed. You don’t want to trust your car to just anyone and risk damaging the car’s resale value. But the dealership isn’t the only good option. Our Dallas BMW repair shop has the same factory trained technicians, original BMW equipment parts and BMW dealership level technology. This combination means that we can provide the same high caliber of work as you would get at the dealership.


Warranty Compliant Work

Whether your BMW vehicle is older or you have a new car that’s still under factory warranty, you can still get the highest quality of BMW service. The work we perform is compliant with the BMW factory warranty standards. You see the difference between the dealership serviced vehicle and the one that was serviced at our independent Dallas BMW repair shop. You can also rest assured that if there are any problems that need additional assistance from the dealership, we’ll make sure that your car is fixed the right way, every time.



Cost Effective Solution

Since the work at our independent BMW repair shop in Dallas is of an beyond the caliber of dealership service, the only real difference is the cost. Having your car serviced at our Dallas BMW repair shop can save you up to 30 percent over the life of your BMW compared to having the exact same work performed at the dealership.

In addition to saving money and receiving high quality service work, you will also get our personal touch. We have a comfortable waiting area and attractive loaner cars, and we make it easy for you to get in and out to have your BMW service work done. It won’t disrupt your busy schedule and we make it convenient by offering easy online service appointment scheduling.

You want to minimize the amount of time that your BMW has to be off the road, and we help you get the necessary services done as quickly and conveniently as possible. You can count on us to protect your investment.

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