Many people would love to opt for an alternative to Mercedes-Benz dealerships but are often unable to do so, concerned of poor quality and untrained technicians. One of the primary concerns has always been whether or not a service station or a company that is not directly affiliated to the German car maker would have facilities that are state of the art. Somehow, a perception has existed that dealers would be able to offer the desired quality of service by the virtue of its affiliation and being in the know-how of what the problems and solutions are.


Southwest Auto can offer you better services that you would expect from even the best Mercedes-Benz dealerships and among the many reasons that make it possible, here are just three of them.

Factory Diagnostic Equipment

The facility is always the most important aspect. Even the finest technicians cannot do a good job if they are not equipped with the right tools. Southwest Auto has the Mercedes-Benz factory diagnostic equipment that are typically used by the dealers and even at various stages while your car is manufactured in the factory. This state of the art facility with all necessary equipment, makes diagnosing and solving problems possible. Serving clients with the best experience that you can get.

Trained and Certified Technicians

Training of technicians is extremely important. Most professionals and well known service companies in the auto industry have trained staff. What is most important is that the training be substantiated with certifications and recurring training. The auto industry changes dynamically and unless the technicians are given hands on training to update their skills and knowledge, newer cars cannot be serviced.

Professional Service Staff

Professionalism is not a given at Southwest Auto it is part of our company’s culture. Whether you look for a consultation, call in for an estimate or wish to simply know more about the company or its Mercedes services, every stage of your association with Southwest Auto’s service staffs will be professional.

The family owned and operated Southwest Auto prizes its timely service at prices that cannot be matched by Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

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