BMW Dealerships In Dallas, A Second Opinion About Service Costs
You own a BMW and you take care of it. Good care. You know it needs servicing– everything from routine oil changes to checking out the “check engine” light.

There are a number of BMW dealerships in Dallas to choose from. When deciding where to take your car you have options. You could take it to the dealer you purchased it from, or, maybe there’s a different European automobile dealer closer to your home, or office.


But, what about the cost? How does an independant repair shop compare to BMW Dealership labor rates?

In 2012, surveyed automobile owners online and 80 percent of the respondents said they felt they had been overcharged for repairs at a dealership.

Logically thinking, some of those surveyed must have owned BMW’s. After all, the 2014 BMW 3 series is the top 20 most searched cars list on So, it’s popular.

If you own a BMW, but feel like your dealer is not the best BMW Dealership in Dallas , it’s time for a second opinion. An independent auto repair shop, one that specializes in BMW’s and other European automobiles, is the best bet for a second opinion.

Independent repair shops have a different pricing matrix when compared to BMW Dealership service costs, and different motivating factors. They tend to price the labor based on the actual time it took to make the repair, not an ideal formula of what-it-usually-takes. If a job takes an hour and a half, you are charged for that hour and a half, not the one hour it “normally” takes. If you come in for an oil change, and to figure out what’s going on with your check engine light, that’s what a good repair shop will do. They won’t try to talk you into replacing the air in your tires with nitrogen.

Of course, if a hands-on shop with experienced service technicians, like Southwest Auto has, sees a problem, or potential problem, you will certainly be informed. That’s just good customer service, the sort of service you can expect from a shop that’s as passionate about their customers as they are about the high end, outstanding, European cars their customers drive.

At Southwest Auto we know how much you value your car, and that you care about fair prices when your car needs servicing. Fortunately, we do too. That’s why we focus on knowing your car’s details better than the dealer does, not just what the manufacturer recommends for an ideal formula. And, we know you, by name.

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