One of the most important components to ensure your car operates well is the engine oil. Most people don’t realize it’s normal for cars to consume some amount of oil. Understanding the rate of engine oil consumption in a 2007 or newer Mini Cooper is essential to ensure you can identify when the amount exceeds what is considered average. When you have your vehicle serviced regularly, you decrease the risk of excess oil consumption.


What Is Considered Normal?

When you consider oil consumption in the Mini Cooper, it’s important to know how much is normal so you can identify any issues. During the first 6,000 miles of driving a new car, you can expect a larger amount of oil consumption because the engine parts are not yet broken in. Beyond this point, however, you should see a decrease in oil consumption on these vehicles. However some Mini Cooper engines are consuming a liter of oil every 750 miles. With a capacity of less than 5 liters, you can do the math and see that you will run out of oil if it is not checked more often.


Why Do Some Cars Consume More?

If you have a turbocharged engine, you may wonder why cars with turbochargers use more engine oil. The answer lies in the way this type of engine operates and the makeup of the components. Turbochargers use engine oil to cool and lubricate internal bearings. Some oil may leak through the turbine bearing seals, while other oil is lost in the operation of the crankcase ventilation system.


What Can Happen With Excess Oil Consumption?

While many car owners see this issue as a minor annoyance and just another expense to keep topping off the oil, low oil levels can lead to premature failure of critical engine parts leading to seizure , Your car’s computer is designed to remind you to get the oil changed on 10,000 mile intervals. We recommend changing your oil at least every 5,000 miles to avoid damage.


Getting regular oil changes is one way to ensure your engine is fully protected and will continue to operate at peak efficiency; however, it’s important to realize it’s normal for your car to consume a small amount of oil, which may need to be replaced in between oil changes. With regular maintenance and oil changes, your car technician can identify these problems and resolve them before they cause major damage.

If you think your Mini Cooper may be experiencing excessive oil consumption, contact us. Our Dallas auto technicians can help you identify and fix any problems that are contributing to lost oil.

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