It happens – that car repair shop that you’ve been using for ten years has decided to close its doors. Maybe the owner wants out of the business, it’s time to retire, or they got a great offer and sold. Maybe they just downsized or no longer have service technicians that service your make and model of import car.


Recently, here in Dallas Fort Worth, Boardwalk Audi was purchased by AutoNation. Nothing against AutoNation – they own 260 new car dealerships nationwide so they probably know a bit about cars – but the deal has left some customers scratching their heads and asking: what now?

It’s not easy, finding a new place to service your Audi. An Audi is a great car with solid, advanced, German engineering. They’re also innovative and cool – Audi has a concept car that uses laser powered high beams.

So, what to do now that your reliable, local, dealership has gone national?

We know you love your car, but we suggest you approach finding an import car repair shop just like you’d approach any other service industry decision. Shop around, there’s no reason to be shy about checking out shops to see if they service Audis. Give them a call, ask if there technicians are, as ours are, highly trained. Ask if they use O.E.M. or equivalent parts, like we do.

Check with friends. They have great recommendations when it comes to restaurants that have excellent food and as well as friendly, knowledgeable, staff, right? So, do they know of a local shop that’s professional, understands your service needs, and can handle an Audi? Alternately, has your friend had a bad experience? Knowing what shop to avoid helps save you time, and headaches down the road.

Finally, do a little online research. At Southwest Auto we know that most people – especially people who drive high end import cars – are Internet savvy and want easy access to basic questions. These days, there’s no reason to settle for a shop that doesn’t have online information, including customer reviews.

Change isn’t easy but sometimes it’s unavoidable. So, if you are the position of trying to find a service and repair shop that’s an alternative to Audi Nation, we invite you to check us out, maybe give us a try for something basic – like an oil change. You may find that the personal, professional, service an independent repair shop provides suits your needs better than a large, national, chain. And, keeps your Audi in the best shape it’s been in since the day Boardwalk Audi changed its name.

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