While Texans rarely battle snow or ice in the winter, the unpredictable Texas spring weather can cause problems. Wet roads can be as dangerous as icy roads . The combination of a slippery surface and bad visibility creates adverse driving conditions. So it’s important to know how to drive in heavy rain or hail.


Here Are Six Safe Driving Tips For Spring:

  1. Replace Worn Tires: They are the only part of your car touching the road. It’s important to keep the tread fresh. Worn treads offer less traction. Another crucial safe driving tip for spring includes keeping tires properly inflated.
  2. Don’t Use Cruise Control: It’s great for long trips, but the useful feature can be detrimental during heavy rains or hail. Throwing your car in cruise during low traction conditions can increase the likelihood of hydroplaning. As the feature allows drivers to take their feet off the pedal, the split seconds it takes to disengage cruise could hinder control in an emergency.
  3. Clean Windows and Change Blades: Most drivers find visibility while driving in the rain a bigger issue than hydroplaning. Clean windows on the inside and outside of your car can improve how you view the road during a storm. Removing the residue built up over winter easily enhances the effectiveness of windshield wipers. Replacing worn windshield wiper blades will improve visibility further.
  4. Inspect Lighting: When driving through a storm, even during the day, you may need to turn your lights on to impact visibility. Check your headlights, brake, back-up, taillights, and turn signals before you hit the road this spring. Lights can be a lifesaver when visibility is limited.
  5. Stay Far Away: As far as common sense and safe driving tips for spring go, just stay further back from the driver ahead. It takes more time for your car to stop on wet roads. So give your vehicle the extra space it could need to brake safely. Also avoid quick turns and hard stops, if possible.
  6. Note Flood Warnings: There’s a good chance wet roads will cause dangerous driving conditions in flood warning areas. Avoid them if possible. Being late is always better than not showing up.

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