Texas is a state that requires emissions testing for vehicles to ensure they are as environmentally-friendly as possible. When your vehicle doesn’t pass this inspection, you need to find a Texas DPS recognized emissions inspection repair facility to complete the repairs necessary to make your car road ready. Because emissions testing is part of your annual Texas vehicle inspection, you may need one of these repair facilities sooner than you think.


Fast Repairs That Meet Texas Standards

After failing Texas vehicle inspections, it’s essential to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. You have 15 days from your failed inspection to find a qualified repair facility to handle any necessary repairs to ensure you pass your follow-up inspection. While it isn’t required to use a Texas DPS recognized emissions inspection repair facility, it is often best to do so to ensure your repairs can be completed in a quick, efficient manner. They have extensive experience handling common issues that cause Texas emissions testing failure. They also typically have the right equipment and ASE certifications.


Help With Your Repairs

Many car owners fear failing their Texas vehicle inspections because they worry they can’t afford the repairs. The state recognizes many people can’t fully afford to pay for the repairs necessary to help them pass Texas emissions testing. For this reason, they offer assistance up to $600 to those who fail the test. However, in order to qualify, individuals must find a Texas DPS recognized emissions inspection repair facility to complete the repairs, as well as meet certain income criteria. Using any other repair shop will cause the car owner to take full responsibility for the cost of making any needed repairs.


Emissions Testing Waivers

If the cost of necessary repairs is too high, you may be able to apply for a waiver so you can spread the cost of the repairs over a longer period of time. In the state of Texas, car owners are required to spend at least $250 on repairs when they fail Texas vehicle inspections . If you attempt the repairs yourself or don’t choose a DPS recognized repair facility, the money you put into the repairs won’t count toward this limit. For this reason, it’s best to choose one of the approved facilities so you can protect your interests.



If you’re nervous about taking your car in for Texas emissions testing, you don’t have to be. Whether you overlook something minor or you need major repairs, you will be in good hands if you look for a Texas DPS recognized emissions inspection repair facility to handle any repairs you need to pass your Texas emissions testing.

If you are looking for a qualified repair facility to handle your emissions testing repairs, contact us. Our ASE certified technicians can help you get a passing score at your follow-up inspection.

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