Your car isn’t just a car, it’s a BMW– a gorgeous, not-inexpensive, automobile that you love.

And, your insurance company just told you that it’s totaled. Meaning, they want to cut you a check to replace the car, and take your damaged car and sell it for parts.

But, what do you want to do?


According to – ”Simply stated, if compensating you for repairing the car, renting something in the meantime and paying you what your car has lost in value costs more than what (the insurance company would) shell out to just buy you a replacement and then sell your wreck to a salvage yard, you’re not going to get your car back, but a check instead.”

The insurance company is financially motivated, but, it’s your car and you have options.

First, make sure you know what your BMW was worth before the accident, then negotiate with the insurance company as needed. Bring in an independent appraiser to assess the damage.

Don’t rely solely on the recommendation of your insurance company when you start your search for a BMW repair shop in Dallas. You need professionals, people who really know about European cars and understand the mindset of people who own high end vehicles.

Why? Because, sometimes, the best investment is repairing your car, even if your insurance company thinks otherwise. For instance, do you really want to take on a new monthly car payment? Or, would it be best to sink the check from your insurance company into repairing the BMW you know, and love (and, have paid off.)

It’s important to have a good BMW repair shop really look at your vehicle. Here at Southwest Auto , we have the knowledge and skills to assess the damage as well as the understanding of what your BMW means to you. We can discuss the pros and cons, finances and practicalities, and work with you on a plan to get you back in your car and on the road, if that’s the best choice.

Being in a car accident is hard. It’s even harder to get the news that your BMW is considered “a total loss.” But, remember, there’s always more to the story– and we’re happy to help you as you parse out all the details so that you can write the ending that you want.

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